About Commercial Sealcoating

D’Agostino Sealcoating & Striping Company is fully registered and insured, and has serviced Rhode Island ( RI ) and Massachusetts ( MA ) commercial sealcoating customers for years. Sealcoating is the most important part of maintaining your property and protecting your asphalt investment- it will significantly prolong the life of your pavement, and is a minor expense when compared to the replacement costs associated with installing new asphalt.

Benefits of Sealcoating:

Improves Appearance

Sealcoating will dramatically enhance your pavement’s appearance toward its original rich, black color- thus enhancing your property’s appearance. Sealcoating also preserves the resilience of asphalt surfaces and helps hide small cracks and patches. In addition, if applied correctly your asphalt will remain cleaner, because the rain will more easily remove dirt and debris from a smooth, sealed surface.

Reduces Oxidation

Sealcoating your driving surfaces will reduce oxidation caused by the UV rays of the sun. These harmful UV rays penetrate the asphalt and begin breaking down the chemical properties of the mix, causing it to become brittle and crack.

Minimizes Water Penetration

Sealcoating will minimize the amount of water penetrating the asphalt, thus reducing frost heaves and potholes developing in your pavement.


Resists Gas, Oil, Salts and other Chemical Penetration

Sealcoating aids in protecting the asphalt from chemical attack by petroleum products as well as road salts. Sealcoating keeps gasoline, oil, and chemical spills from penetrating the surface.

Reduces Repair Costs

By reducing oxidation, minimizing water penetration, and protecting your asphalt from gasoline, oil, and chemical penetration, sealcoating extends the lifespan of your pavement, thus reducing costs by favorably affecting its repair or replacement timeframe.

About Crackfilling

Crack filling is part of the regular maintenance required on all pavement surfaces. Crackfilling protects your investment, and is a minor expense when compared to the replacement costs associated with installing new pavement. Paying close attention to cracks will prevent problems from spreading and will extend the life of your pavement for years to come.

Benefits of Crack Filling:

Reduces Pavement Deterioration

Neglected cracks allow plant growth and water to penetrate underneath the pavement- these plants grow root systems, which ultimately spread and push pavement surfaces up.

Minimizes Water Penetration

Water seeps into cracks and softens the asphalt base, causing soft spots- this often leads to pot holes, due to the freezing and thawing of snow and ice.

Crack Filling Procedure:

Preparation in crackfilling is key. D’Agostino Sealcoating and Striping, Inc. takes the extra time to properly clean and prepare all cracks to be filled. A premium hot asphalt crackfiller, applied at 400 degrees, is then used to fill the voids. Once the crack filler cools, a seal is formed. [Note: Adhesion and bonding for cracks greater than one inch in width is less efficient.] The crackfilling material is allowed to set overnight, which assures bonding. The following day, the pavement is sealcoated and striped as required


Crack filling and sealcoating pavement areas early on will most definitely pay big dividends by delaying the cost of replacement.

D’Agostino Sealcoating & Striping, Inc. provides detailed proposals, personalized service, and reputable quality for Rhode Island and Massachusetts sealcoating customers.

Please contact us for an estimate to address all of your sealcoating, crackfilling, and pothole repair needs, or if you have any questions regarding our services.